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Promise To You
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Promise To You

im gonna make a promise to you,
a promise im gonna keep.
this promise will go on forever,
and it will never leak.

my promise will be perfect,
and it wont have any falts.
for my promise will be simple,
yet so very very hard.

this promise is important,
its a life/death sorta thing.
for if i break this promise,
there will be hell to bring.

this promise will do us wonders,
i swear with my heart it will.
we will be together forever,
if this promise is still.

i make this promise,
out of my love for you.
and if i break it,
then you know its through.

youll know my promise has been broken
if i ever make you feel crappy.
for my promise to you,
was to always make you feel happy

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Wow....this poem is awesome! ! ! You did a great job! !