This is a true story of a physically challenged woman. Do all the relationships of love end like this?

You who chose to hold me enamored,
You, who promised so much,
That a volume could be written on that.
And I trusted and believed the
jingle game
Your rhetoric, your passion had put
My logic to shame.

You tied my hands around you.
And I chose to hobble behind too.

For a day or two I lived in a world of Wonder
Then the rhetoric and passion burst asunder.

My world fell about me, a house of cards
Or a glass house that ended in shards
I looked in consternation as your
eyes smoldered
My body wrecked and disordered.

I groped in darkness wanting to be alone
Light! O don't touch me,
For I am in shreds, in
Pieces, I desire oblivion.

written in 2004

by Mandira Chattopadhyay

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One can feel the pain of hurt and abandonment seeping out from your words... very well written.. thanks for sharing..