(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Promises Of Religion

An eternal life is the stick and carrot
That religion offers as bait to people.
Follow religion; Heaven is assured.
Stray from religion; Hell is threatening.

Gone all souls either to Heaven of Hell,
Where are the new souls coming from all time?
What about the new entrants, consequent
To constant increase in population?

Holding Soul as eternal and timeless,
Could we brand souls as Past, Present and Future?
Self exists in continuum with other selves
And form consciousness uncountable.

After life is a poetic allegory
As much as those spun in mythology.
Soul of every organism comes
As extension of parental bodies.

What we call ourselves are shaped by others
And the selves of others are shaped by us.
Many atoms that circle in our bodies
Might have been constituents of the dead.

There are no eternal individual souls;
No Heaven or Hell; no incarnation;
There is only on cosmic consciousness
Which we dwell in, and which dwells in us.
(Inspired by ‘The World as Will and Idea’ – Schopenhauer)

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