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Promises, Promises!

They come with yearnings and compromises
They come in all colors, shapes and sizes
Sometimes the maker is very, very clever
Only honesty with love and lies they never

Then there are those whose game is of deceit
Their motives are dishonest and out to cheat
Promises can be simple or very unique
A love and desire of a heart that will seek

O' the clandestine frills of a new loving start
Promises unspoken can be as sharp as a dart
Promises, promises love letters to so begin
The journey to new romance for a loving win

Promises are the light the spirit and fire
Realized, promises kept, are love to admire
Promises of love, like colors red, green and gold
Promises of love, are centuries near and old

Capture this gift in your longing hands to hold
Its divine essence, is love as ageless as gold
Secrets, secrets, are promises of a certain mold
Oh! Please don't tell, don't let the mystery unfold!

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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