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Proper Vodka
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Proper Vodka

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

To those who drink I say (in vain)
they ought to (if they could) refrain
from glycerated wine from Spain
as well as liquor made from grain.

The drinker who imbibes n-six
may think he's getting his good fix
his heart, however does play tricks
because it knows not how it ticks.

All humans need omega-three
it is, for life, the basic key.
and keeps the inner workings free
you find it out on the prairie.

All foods with origins in seeds
do not fulfill most human needs.
Those unloved flowers, known as weeds
are full of good omega beads.

So back to what is known as liquor
a daily serve will help your ticker.
Omega six though makes you sicker
so let me tell you of the kicker.

Drink Vodka made from lowly spuds
it's practiced by some well-known studs.
Forget old Coors as well as Buds
Potato Vodka leaves no suds.

All grains and seeds cause inflammation,
and hinder lustful fornication.
Straight from the freezer - a sensation
and overwhelming titillation.

A little warning, yes Mahnaz,
the forum talk about the ass...
since spirits might create some gas
we connoisseurs will have to pass.

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Comments (3)

Very enjoyable! Those last two lines are wonderful! Warmest regards, CJ
You like your potato vodka (never had it...yet) , I'll take my wine still. Nice write! !
I'm a die-hard non-drinker of anything alcoholic......... :) I loved the ending...made me laugh! Sincerely, Mary