Proper Way

Climates are planned somewhere
Where decisions are in its own will
Nothing we have succeeded here
The world is the platform ever
Here the winds lashes in its own way
There we can't withstand the pressure
Here now the summer makes us suffer
The body of every species fights for survival
The coverage of trees and better shades
Tries its best to protect all
There the time is allowed to summer
To make suffer the poor humans
Who don't try to learn the lessons
Everything is not at your will power
You can make wars, and kill brothers
You can't command the will of nature
Here you fails almost all times
Only some remedial measures in your ways
Why you destructed the trees in such a speed
Why you protect the poacher and encroachment
You can Save the planet by proper actions
Here the path of survival is always difficult
Where we can make opinions in proper ways.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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save the planet by proper actions.. good one.