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I was told that I would never be far
and told I shouldn’t aspire to be the
star so I stood hard and didn’t
become the internal fool,
I didn’t stop for the failure only
fought hard to be the singular man as I am.

I made sure god was within me and
my destination was with god and me,
never stopped to follow the fashion of
life only made it my way, I hate it when
people tell me what I am rather then
who they think I am and should be in
their eyes, I m like the soldier ready to
question why the world is free with in the
TV and not real world.
I wonder why the kids are quick to run and
make it seem they the world just like the
propaganda of the world popping pills
destroying the unborn abortions made,
just not the mistakes they chose,
hiding from their own ties and their own time,

So I work hard and prove them wrong like
I am meant to be the king of all and show them
tomorrow is now and I am here rather than
waiting for the prophecy I was told to come true

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