There was
to him

His words were like:

-A cry in the wilderness
that broke and shattered on woody trunks

-The howl of a lone wolf
that rose in the dead of the night

-The cry of an infant
that told the world, it was hungry

-The cacophony of discordant orchestra
that left a jarring effect on the listeners

His words sounded meaningless
To a world that spoke a different tongue

With no receptacle, his words like heated waters
Evanesced into vapour and billowed upwards
Like coils of smoke to freeze into clouds

But one day it rained down,
Quite unexpected…….

With thunder and lightning!

by Valsa George

Comments (17)

The poem it seems have philosophical ideas and while reciting I felt it so interesting and beautiful.
HIS WORDS SOUNDED MEANINGLESS/TO A WORLD THAT SPOKE A DIFFERENT TONGUE.These are crucial lines, the turning point really. He has been consistently out of sync with the world, and the world has tried mightily to ignore him. But at this point the lack of communication is not over words or actions, but over the very fact of meaning itself. The prophet and the people no longer share anything in common. It's no wonder then that this should be the moment when the heavenly forces intervene with a power none can deny.
If unheeded one will have to face the lighting and thunder! A beautiful write.
Lovely poem raining down with a thunder just like prophet's word. ending is just so spectacular!
Unique style with unexpected message. I cannot think of any other prophet than Noah in the Bible. You have offered a very poetic description of this whole scene. Mmmmmh..hear the giant speak! Good write!
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