Prophet Of Chaos

Am I too much for you?
Oh, so now you have to think and feel and understand the chaos of the world.
Does it hurt?
Can’t you deal with the pain, now that I’ve opened your eyes?

You thought that I would make all your troubles go away, because I understand.
I am trouble, pain, truth, and reality and I know.
Do you feel guilty, ashamed, scared?
Well now we’re getting somewhere.
I told you that I was a prophet, and you didn’t believe me.

Is it all too much, do you want out yet?
How long before you give in?
Decisions- the truth, or ignorance.
How lucky you are to have that choice.

Is being alive everyday to much to ask?
Does the darkness scare you?
I guess not, I bet you sleep like a baby every night.

Chaos is my drug of choice,
And I am addicted.

You want me to dance your dance,
And see the glass half full.
You want me to smile
And make you laugh again at every last chance.

You just don’t get it,
I’m not a puppet.
I’m not like you and I don’t play by the rules.
I didn’t say I was a rebel,
So don’t be confused.

I want to feel all of life’s struggles, and all of your pain.
Speak of your demons and why you’re ashamed.
You don’t know why you’re here, or from where you came.
I know all of these things,
So just open your eyes, and let in the rain.

I don’t want your soul,
And I can’t give you wings
Just give me your passion and pain
And I will help you to sing.

by Jack Dylan

Comments (3)

You are definitely too much for me - gales of laughter, heeheeer, as I read your biography, the passages of a Life. Your wit (I stole the compliment from TS Eliotttttttttttttt who was commenting on the verse(s) of Herrrrrbert and Donne (Done, Jack?) leading me to a new dawn although I should be in bed now and my left (behind you) finger has become glued to a key in my left (-handed) keyboard zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sweet dreams Will (still be here to morrow I can only hope..........
Very Punk attitude in this poem Jack. I recognise the philosophy. 10 from original punket Tai
Wow. Intensity all around. Sometimes it is easier to see things in others that you don't recognize in yourself. Great write, Jack!