My love for you, it has no words.
It makes the sun shine brighter,
the moon is fuller, the wind is gentler
the water is warmer.
I cannot tell you how you make me feel.
stronger, better, more human.
You touched a part of my soul that I had lost.
You clouded my thoughts
and blinded me with your love,
You made me forget my pain and suffering.
You are always on my mind and in my heart.
There is no other place else I would want you to be.
I see a future with you, I want to take care of only you.
You are my world, You are my home.
You pick me up, You take care of me.
Would you let me do the same to you, for the rest of our lives?

by Brian Jones

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Hey Brian....No one can refuse such a 'straight from the heart' and beautiful proposal! ! Love...TO