Horizon glowed – dawn appeared
Ardent radiant tint from afar
Sky met Earth and man with beard
Worthy of love holy and revered
Minutes later all disappeared
Surrounded by mountains near the bay in Myanmar
Southeastern Asia on the Bay of Bengal
Such a Republic with rich soil
Man with beard failed to notice the old gal
Leading to a special event at the locale
Where the aged lady was to say, “I shall…”
Air full of steam with aroma from rose oil
The man was so aged and senile – but still
wearing a smile
Wondering what he wanted to say to his soon
to be bride
Loves enamor and beguile
Gal quite wise and full of style
Thought the wait was worthwhile
Linger even if the valley would subside
The bearded man had a moment of clarity
Knelt on one knee and proposed
Eyes quite clear and full of sincerity
Both so in love with such rarity
Love so wholesome, not at all charity
Like a bird’s beak both gent and gal – side by
side; always apposed

by Ana Monnar

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Beautiful poem, Ana... I'd say you captured the moment radiantly!