Chasing You

In the midst of all the commotion you must have escaped my view.
But now I’m flailing, contemplating, chasing after you.

Without a second thought,
I’ll stumble towards your smile.
But what happens when I get there?
Was the chase all worthwhile?

In the cloud of the dust you kicked up I must have lost my sight,
And now you’ve got me running around, chasing you at night.

You tripped me up;
Like a rock I fell,
Right into your arms?
No, right into hell!

In the abruption of the outburst I lost sight of you.
But now I’m left with no choice but to pursue.

Chasing after you, there is no other way.
Chasing after you is a game I hate to play.
Chasing after you, why do I try so hard?
Chasing after you until my heart is scarred.

I guess I can’t tame you, no matter how hard I try.
I might as well try to touch the sky…

by Braden Patton

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Doth a bee be a flower? ... Doth it deflower by a flowering bee? Doth a bee fly by thy flower? ... Doth it flee for free Flowers grow tall to tower... Doth thy power be by flower? When ye bee by a flower.... Is it thy next to ending hour? Is thy flower only yous or only our? ... Doth thy rain pour down yon hour? Bumbling bees buzz busily by.... Doth it say exiting 'Bye, bye? Are we stung when flung and hung real high? ... Do we go on indeed goodbye? What be these stingers that die? ... Do they inject through sleighted thigh? Why do we creatures of nature rely? ... Do we silently knowingly reply? What be this waspy wisp? ... Is it tendered and cooked real crisp? Why hath ye bad bumble bee to land on yon bar-b-que grill? ... Did'st yee thrill to fall and not chill? Ye be hot and hotter yet.... Cooked for breakfast or lunch room's bet, you bet. Peanutty brittle full of full dripping spittle... Not nearly enough but way too much little. Rain storms thunder and rumble through... Next morning is nothing left but wet willies stew due dew. Good poem. Gave it a tenor too. God bless all poets and readers alike-MJG.