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Protect Your Daughters
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Protect Your Daughters

Poem By AHO Speaks

If you insist and he says but or please
Use force to stop to remove his hand from between your knees
An easy target he keeps between his legs
Kick him hard or squeeze and don't let go; even if he begs.

A male has neither right nor pemission to violate the word No
Release his persistence by hitting his testicles to let him know.
If done properly and accurately he will cease
Back to a rationale human being; I guarantee he will release.

A male cannot walk never mind try to run
A severe kick or squeeze more powerful than a bullet from a gun.
He will not die but you will have the time to get away
I believe he will never try again; on another day.

Proper pressure when applied
The male will dropp to his knees and think he has died.
Don't be afraid and never come back when he pleads
Not to be concerned for his welfare for he will not bleed.

You know when he must be treated with force
Kick, pull, punch, twist and any one will do; of course.
When he forces his hand between your legs
Time to do the deed and hear him beg.

This illegal, immoral and forced sexual behavior
Receives its due by grabbing and squeezing and never to waver.
You can be the judge, jury and punishment by law
Because you were there and can use your own claw.

Ask your father if the above is not true
If you need any more explanation he can give it to you
You do have the energy and strength to end this male gender curse
To violate your tabernacle nothing could be worse.

12-11-97 Aho Speaks

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