Protect Yourself!

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You want something to talk about?
This may be painful...
First remove all that dead storage space
In between your ears.
Reboot it after you have replaced that
With patience.
You are going to need a lot of it!
And that is very under-rated!

Patience is the beginning,
Of downloading and receiving useful information.
To share when communicating.
Without trying to degrade what is misunderstood,
Unknown or unfamiliar.
The process shouldn't take that long...
Stay aware and welcome change.
Remain focused.
That eliminates ignorance.
And be careful.
Once you are on the path of sharing something meaningful...
Ignorance has a way of eating up good thoughts!
Like a virus!
And you may have to reboot again!
Starting this process from the beginning!
Make sure you can trust,
'Who' and with 'whom' you share good conversations!
This will enable quicker understanding.
And you may escape constant repetition.
Allowing a faster growing of comprehension!
To enable an avoidance of conflicts,
Picked specifically for heated debates...
As well as gossip, innuendos and possibly street brawls,
Initiated by hearsay!
Ignorance hates comprehension.
Protect yourself!
Watch everything that slithers and crawls.
And bites with a poisonous venom.
Don't give your confident smile away too easily.
Let that develop as part of your package...
Once you have successfully felt,
You are on track and your mind is clearly online.
Without distractions that come you can not handle.
You will be fine!

Protect yourself!
Temptation can be a bitch,
Dressed like a tasty sandwich.
Waiting to be bitten!
The process of wanting 'something' to talk about,
Again becomes a painful undertaking!
When these encounters are done enough,
With a loss of gratification dwindling...
You will seek a seriousness unsolicited.
First removing all that dead storage space,
In between your ears.
Reboot it after you have replaced that,
With patience.
You are going to need a lot of it!
And that is very under-rated!

Is any of this sinking in?
Does it sound too aggravating?
Be careful as to which attitude you choose,
Before a mood taken you decide is easier to live with...
Than the other!
Protect yourself...
From all sides.
You never know who may come along,
To unplug you with discord!

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