I gave to you, all my love
with every breath I took.
You gave to me with all your anger
your right and left hook.

I seen it done to others before,
but I never thought it could be.
The man I gave my all to
could turn around and hit me.

My life has chaged since that night
when I didn't know what to do.
You were always there protecting me
who will protect me from you?

I ask the lord everynight
to make this a better world.
So that none of what has happened to me
will happen to my baby girl.

by Gero Lorna

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OMG, I hope this is not from personal experience Lorna...but if it is my heart goes out to you...I loved the rhythm of this piece it flowed so well effortlessly, and the rhymes gave it sybolism, I truly enjoyed it, your writing is so pure...I am glad that I met you, your words are so wise, and your writing is an inspiration