Protectors Of Love

Protector of love, traveling thru this land
Destroyer of hate, forever I shall stand
A glance behind, millions of one soul
One must leave, go if ye must go

Seek out the fire, get burned by the flame
Trust in thy words, call on thy name
Bringing ye back, to a lifetime of good
Look in thy eyes, not those under the hood

Fall into despair, this inner peace shalll quake
Raising ye spirit, never a rest...eternally awake
Stand by thy side, we shall overcome all the hate
Millions of one soul, forever a soul mate

Enter the gates of hell, we shall choose so
Extinguish the fires, new era of perfect glow
Hell has just frozen, cold and slick as ice
Beating the devil's evil, it's just oh so nice

Protectors of love, traveling thru this land
Destroyers of hate, forever WE shall stand

by Dave Shemeley

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