Proud To Be A Woman

Poem By shreya koppaka

Now that I am eighteen, a mature person,
I realize how lucky I am to be a woman,
Because she is smart and an intellectual,
And she deserves to be treated as an individual,
Nobody has the right to push her around,
Nobody can set rules, to which she should remain bound,
She can take on the world an win all by her selves,
She doesn’t need support or approval of anybody else,
She fits perfectly into any roll,
She can make four walls into a home,
She takes care of whole family with delight,
When she is a homemaker the house looks bright,
When she is a professional she brings energy to the place,
The whole world revolves around her keeping her the base,
There is nothing on earth she can’t do,
She can raise kids and run a company too,
She has always been two steps ahead of him,
But he chooses to be in light so dim,
He does not understand that without her world won’t work,
He just doesn’t agree and acts like a jerk,
He won’t admit that he needs her more than him she needs,
Otherwise who'll wash his clothes and his mouth who will feed,
Who will take the yelling and the frustration?
And who will make him feel like the emperor of the nation,
He needs a she in every aspect of life,
So it is important for a man to have a wife,
For the dependable and insecure man marriage is a precaution
But for her it is not a necessity but just an option,
For at all known fields than man she is better,
It’s her decision in the end that would matter,
She is strong and cares a damn for the loosetalker,
Because though she walks in a group she is also a lone walker,
For she has proved that on any given day,
Better than a man she can lead the way,
So with all the goals dreams and determination,
I can say that a woman is god’s best creation.

Comments about Proud To Be A Woman

woman can surely make a home out of four walls...lovely
yeah true....i depend on women more than she on he.......... like peter acknowledges.........i do to........... ;)
Excellent poem Perfect sentiments Phil
Good poem. It makes me realize that I am an inferior being :)

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