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Proud To Be Me!
DRE (04/25/1997 / Indiana)

Proud To Be Me!

Im proud to be me!
I never want to change.
Dont want to change for him.
Im not gonna change at all.
I love being me!
Im strong on the outside,
weak on the inside,
but im proud of it!
Im not gonna change.
Im always goona be the same old me.
Even when i get married
Im always gonna be an Evans
no matter what!
Because im proud to be me!
I have my weaknesses,
but i have my streght.
Everyone does!
Noones always strong.
But you got ot be free.
Dont let a man tell you what to do.
Dont let then change you.
Stay you!
Stay the way you are!
You should be proud to be you!
Im proud of my family!
Im proud of the way my life is!
Im proud to be me and I wont deny it!

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With a satisfactory smile I applaud this this poem. For no matter how one makes you feel. Accepting of you or not. You are the only one has in to look into that mirror day and night. So if your not oh so proud, how could ever have similar expectation from someone else? Happiness is but a inner reflection, a beauty that's beyond skin deep. This is an excellent poem, keep up such wonderful writes.
eye say 10 high score keep making poems
Beautiful poem! That's true, everyone should be proud the way they are.
Amen to that. there is no rason we should change for other people. If they aren't happy about who we are and how we live, then that's their problem, not ours.
i try my best but im not always strong at all sometimes
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