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Proud Willie

He dyes his hair a dark brown to hide the tell tale gray
And you might say proud Willie has known a better day
And though he's only forty two he's now well past his prime
And greater men by far than him have bowed to father time.

The son he helped to father he barely got to know
Twelve years back his wife Kate left him and took their toddler Joe
He had treated her quite shabbily but only so much one can take
And in a distant city a new start she did make.

He had a live in girl friend for awhile who too with him did
not stay
She put up with him for a few months and then went her own way
Forsaken by his lover and forsaken by his wife
Some people never learn from the lessons in their life.

Proud Willie to his pub mates boast of his womanly appeal
And though him they pretend to believe they know he's not for real
He's far from a handsome looking bloke and time not on his side
And most women in him can see the arrogance and pride.

The love and warmth of a woman for ten years he has not known
And when proud Willie leaves the pub at night he's always on his own
His ex wife and his ex lover with him did not stay
And for treating women shabbily the price he had to pay.

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