The Indefinite Embarrassment Of Poverty.

Have you ever had the feeling of embarrassment?
How did it last long?
What if it never went away?
Stuck in a environment where your always looked down upon.
That is what poverty feels like.
Walking on eggshells and no way of making the pain stop.
Laugh upon laugh.
Snicker upon snicker.
Pity is a rotten charity that no one wants.
The pride of being able do the basics things for yourself.
A place to sleep.
Food and water in your belly.
A shower to wash in.
Take these away, and what becomes of us?
Jump in dumpster for a snack.
Taking a dip in the river just to get clean.
Sleeping in the middle of the woods so no one takes notice of you.
Because who knows what there intent might be.
To bring harm, to steal, to report you to the authorities.
A crime with out pardon, that is poverty in this society.
No one wants to hire you because of how you smell and/or look.
So the job outlook becomes grim.
Stores don't want serve you because of thoughts of you scaring there other customers, or the possibility of you hiding and making it a home.
Poverty in a context no one talks about.
Why do we fear the one thing we should be trying to change?
It is the indefinite embarrassment to those who live it everyday.

by Ace Of Black Hearts

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Amazing proverbs carrying eternal truths. Thanks for sharing here.
Thank you, Barry, for the translation. I enjoy Chaucer with a translator at my side, he has a chuckle beneath his bite or perhaps a bite behind his chuckle. Either way, he understands people and words. - - - - - - - - -] After grete hete cometh cold; No man caste his pilche away.
Proverbs of Chaucer I Why these many garments? Lo this heat of summer day! After great heat comes the cold; may no man cast his furs away! II The span of all this world will not go in my two short arms; he who will embrace too much, shall retain little of it.
The large compas of life! Nice work.