Long ago there was an older brother
to whom the younger brother did listen,
an uncle that could buy gifts
but life did take its wide turns
now slyly gossip and whispering is done at the church
with young children looking scared at me.

At a time I did love a girl
and she did love me back
but decades lie in between
with years of getting hurt.

At a time I was somewhat wealthy,
did laugh at life
and now a church does try to punish me
where years needlessly I am waiting to find a work

where people and a country does make my career undone,
where others do rob my cars one after the other
and no one can promise me the sun moon and stars,
where constantly I am told not to become bitter

and now I do write poems full of fables,
or fairy-princesses and knights,
others that do tell the sore truth
and unfortunately this poem is no fairy-tale.

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

Comments (4)

Amazing proverbs carrying eternal truths. Thanks for sharing here.
Thank you, Barry, for the translation. I enjoy Chaucer with a translator at my side, he has a chuckle beneath his bite or perhaps a bite behind his chuckle. Either way, he understands people and words. - - - - - - - - -] After grete hete cometh cold; No man caste his pilche away.
Proverbs of Chaucer I Why these many garments? Lo this heat of summer day! After great heat comes the cold; may no man cast his furs away! II The span of all this world will not go in my two short arms; he who will embrace too much, shall retain little of it.
The large compas of life! Nice work.