The Whispering Of Me.

Such noise as I make, just silence to some.

My contrite emotions, in company with one.

The simplicity of Life, as Grand as I see.

Is a Miracle in itself, yet heard by only me.


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Frost used to appear regularly for readings at Boston College. At the end of this one, he would look up and say, And I always like to add, '...or somebody else will provide for ya! '
...........wonderful poem....the last line is brilliant ★
Frost's poem is a reminder that life can be harsh and fate unforgiving. Beauty passes in a flash -don't bank on it because it is not going to last (verse 1.) The 'great and the good' are also likely to be afflicted by misfortune (verse 2.) The fourth verse might have been adopted as a credo by today's crooked financeers.Good luck, President Obama, in sorting them out, because you will need it. In the next more optimistic verse the key word is 'might.' Beauty and fame, like all rewards, are transitory, and the last verse brings this home in no uncertain a fashion. Is Frost in this atypical poem being cynical? I think not!