Proximity Of Love

I looked high and low
I looked left and right
I looked north and south
east and west looked back at me,
I searched for love everywhere;
I asked the lonely streets
I asked the buzzing pubs
I asked the empty dancing clubs
where everyone went home
with someone every night-
''when will I find her? ''
I was so lonely always
there was so much of silence
in my heart,
love was dodging me
or was I dodging love, I pondered.
And then from nowhere
I saw her suddenly come,
with lipstick so red,
with tresses of blonde hair
flying on her face;
was it ''she'' I asked myself
my heart said 'yes'
and I fell in love.
she was a girl
from my neighbourhood,
we had prayed together,
sang together in the church
in our childhood days;
but I had never realized
she was meant for me.
I had searched for true love
when it was in the proximity
of my heart and home.

by Jacson Gelato

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