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'' For That We All Had To Die ''

We have lost the ability to care for others,
Our greed and self- interest, our conscience it smothers,
We no longer care for our sisters or brothers,
The question we must ask is why.

We sit back as children die of malnutrition,
While we become obese and show no contrition,
Fact is it should be our life's mission,
Not to let fellow human beings die.

As we take all the goodness out of the Earth,
Of future resources there will be a dearth,
Very soon the doomsday boat will berth,
When it does we'll be saying goodbye.

We watched as the animals became extinct,
Yet it's to each other everything is linked,
That we are responsible is very distinct,
That is a fact not a lie.

As the planet warms the crops won't grow,
No more seeds for us to sow,
Very soon our behaviour will show,
With Mother Nature we refused to comply.

Storms and heatwaves will become common- place,
There'll be no point in looking to outer space,
We'll be witnessing the death of the human race,
Common sense we just didn't apply.

We ignored the warnings that is a fact,
The planet we live on has finally cracked,
All because we refused to act,
Scientific theories have all went awry.

We thought as a species we knew it all,
But now we are heading for an almighty fall,
The arrogance of humans really does appall,
That's something we can never deny.

For the future we never gave it a thought,
We believed that everything could be bought,
Destruction and mayhem is what humans have brought,
There are some things you just cannot buy.

History will show that our planet we failed,
Our greed and selfishness we never curtailed,
That mountain of incompetence we fully scaled,

‘' For That We All Had To Die ‘'

by Bri Mar

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