"Psalm For Seniors"

Praise to you, Lord, for our life and our experience.
Thank you for our success and our occasional failures,
and for giving us the grace to learn from both.
Thank you for allowing us to live long enough to gain wisdom,
and give us the grace to share our experience
and riches with others in a timely and helpful way.
Thank you, lord, for listening,
and help us to listen to your promptings.
Open our hearts to the needs of the larger
community beyond the immediate group.
praise to you Lord, for providing a loving
And caring community for us, and help us
to strengthen the bond that makes our group a community.
May we always be worthy, lord, of your guidance and protection.
"Nightly News" Guns are falling into the hands
of youth who are only beginning
to live - who know how wrong life
is, but not how good it can be.
Should a society that asserts
the right to handguns not also
feel some measure of moral respon-
sibility for each tragic shootings?
How can we shut out the anguished
cries of the victim's families?
How can we stand seeing the nightly news?

by Bob Lennon

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