Psalm One Hundred Nine

Give praise to our Holy Father
He gave His only Son to die for our sins
Stay brave, hold no focus on tomorrow
Accept the Lord for our lives to begin


False accusers bought some ruses to my reputations
Well, it's manmade so I ain't 'posed to
Fret or say it
Feeling crazy
Trying to piece together… something's ill
Finding pieces to some puzzles that just wasn't real!
The mouth of the deceitful
Lord, the plots of the
Fought against without a cause just to knock the position
Opened up the book of Psalms
Then I plop down to
Can not forget it, hot dissension, fill their slots with their givings!
I see a man just has to reach a certain level
In his mindset
Where he ain't even bother by the devil's
Just keep it moving
Everything is different when you full of compassion
To give establishment of love and
Have it paid back with
I know if I was really doing what I'm accused of
I wouldn't hear your voice
Probably never would've moved up
Lord, I ask the persecutor's names to be blotted
I ask that everything they working to attain is forgotten
They have no mercy but
I ask that you display them your knowledge
To give a chance to get it right before
The day you demolish
I ask the tongues that rise against me be betrayed and be conscious
And all that false accusers change lest… they days are abolished
And even if it's not my name but just my reference and all
I ask that all them feel the pain and the oppression
They cause
In other people lives
Let the lies against me be founded
And let the liars be the victims of the things they've amounted
Let the false accusers stay in the position they are
I ain't talking ruin
Hatred and derision embarked?
Then Father send to them
They don't take you serious by exploited, Lord, your servants, Lord
But you have the wisdom of forever
So you know already
Though I'm fine now, there was times when I was broke and heavy
I always keep your statutes in my mind and it ain't no forgetting
If it's in the Bible then it's live
It ain't nothing wicked
But it'd probably take some time for some of us to get it
I ain't focused on them but they trying
To pull your servant down
See the false accusers! Using wickedly the word of mouth
It is finished
All the evil minions burning down
I'm just trying to get it
I ain't worried about the hurting sounds

They are merciless Father
But I know you are merciful
Just get them off me
Get satan's footsoldiers up off of me
It's without a cause
You already how everything really is
Praises to You Father

Help Your servants… thanks

by Dexsta Ray

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God refute the handwriting of condemnation and brought glory to the church... You write beautifully well, friend... Stay blessed