A Life Without Joy

I think I'm going to make it through,
It's been so long you see;
There's much more life behind me now
Than out in front of me.

There was a time, when not so sure;
I thought to end it then.
I didn't see how one could live
Without much joy and win.

But I found out you can endure
Without a special one.
And after all, it must be said;
Of fate, what's done is done.

And so I choose to carry on
With life and burdens bore.
I hope if I can carry these,
God may not give me more.

But if He did, I hope He'd grant,
My just one simple plea;
To end my life with one great love
Who'd bring great joy to me.

So now I'm near the end of life,
My joyless days near done.
I'd lie if I would dare to say,
I never did have fun.

But what is true, and that's the rub,
Of life, don't you agree;
Is love is really what's required,
For joy to be set free?

So on it is with what remains,
I hope, not very long;
Of life, perhaps to know great love,
If it should come along.

And as I go my separate way,
I'll not begrudge their joy;
If others feel what I once felt,
When I was just a boy.

Instead I'll smile and just recall
The joy I felt back then.
And know that I'll feel soon enough
Love's wondrous joy again.


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