When she walks she looks at the moon
Like the cloud that follows her in the room
From the distance she's beautiful
Over time she'll make you fall

by Gianna Jett Click to read full poem

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Thank you all for your wonderful comments and votes! It was my pleasure and honor to be featured as Poem of the Day! I enjoy creating it; one of my favorites!
That which is hidden meant to be seen.. iip.. James
Like a late-60's psychedelic song by the Beatles, you narrate the wildly improbable as though it is 'reality' and gain admirers in the process. Happy for your success and hope you enjoyed creating.
Cool poem😊😊👏👏.
The many layers of imagination..very nice poem..
Well done Jennie, beautiful poem, Congrats for Poem of the Day. Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations for poem of the day Jennie.. Well written
From the many fires that burn within a woman's heart, this flame is off the beaten path of the common visual, yet her dark eyes still stand out in front of any hidden smile, I really enjoyed this poem!
Congratulations on Poem of the day..this is indeed a very engaging poem and one that I will enjoy reading again- well done
A well deserved 'Poem of the Day', worth the honor. 'There's a smile beyond her dark eyes She thunders in when the lightning cries' - wonderful!
an interesting and very creative poem full of impossibilities? .............well written J
The inspired poem appears here: https: //
Congratulations on being chosen for poem of the day. Well done.
Every thing about this poem is perfect. What a great title! Captured my immediate attention. And the imagery. So vivid. And what great lines: She thunders in when the lightning cries. Amongst others. And rhapsodize is such a perfect end word. Truly worthy of Poem Of The Day! Congratulations, Jennie Renee!
Beautiful metaphorical and philosophical poem on illusion with haunting depiction. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
Such a great poem, Jennie.... a perfect 10++++
Such a great poem, Kennie
In between! ! Thanks for sharing.