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Everybody is a liar,
Everybody is a saint,
Everybody knows the answers,
Everybody wants to wait
For everybody to reveal
What everybody has inside,
Everybody says it’s nothing
But everybody wants to hide it.

Create myself a person,
A puppet, a mask, a face,
Show them what they want to see,
A name, a date, a place,
Sing out to a world unleashed
While standing in the sky
And others stare admiringly
At a person in their minds.

I’m hiding in a pseudonym,
Who do you prefer,
Me or him?

No one here pretends they like it,
No one here seeks for more,
No one here will go against it,
No one here will touch the door
To reveal to everybody
What everybody has inside,
Everybody says its nothing
So why the need to hide?

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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