Psychic Fur Balls

Poem By Robert Charles Howard

Some days
I'm just poemed out.
Blank screen between the ears.

But then -
A tickle in the throat,
A few coughs
Followed by a whole lot of hacking
And out rolls a nice psychic fur ball.

Ah, that feels better!
I guess I'll post it.

Comments about Psychic Fur Balls

Well, you do have to admit that some poems are regurgitation...even the 'Great's' had their poetic stomach's full of mats and hairballs at times. Then had the nerve to publish them, and they're being taught in schools! ! But, not when I teach those poets in a week from now. Ways to get around everything! Great! Elysabeth
Ah, those PHLEGMatic moments of creativity! Hack 'n' Roll!
Fun one. Glad the metaphor didn't go the other way, I hate cleaning the litter box. -chuck
Wellllll, you know how cats make fur balls, doncha? I need help, and if this is the answer, guess I'll have to start licking myself silly! Wait... are you talking about dreck? heehee Esther : ]
Hack, Hack, Patooie! ! You did this so well!

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