I Am A Writer

I am a writer;
Writing through the eyes of the gods,
Sitted in the midst of the sun and the earth.
I never crave for perfection of my pen,
But to change the mindset of the world.
I am the song that reflect morals not lost,
The head that carries your body to paradise.

I am the glowing light of the heart,
Blossom of mother earth
And the eyes that weep not.
I am a curator;
Creator of the universe;
Artist of the artists.
I am a calender that has tomorrow on it;
A painter that paints himself without mistakes.

My caresses soothe many in suffering,
I am the guitarist strings that speaks to the ears.
I am the musical note that pierces driftly to deaf ears;
I am a writer,
A fearless writer
That touches the veins of the humanless blood.
I am an artist that draw
Not a straight lines
But, curved lips that steps on the eyes;
A wrestler that steps on toes
Without being beaten.

I am a writer,
A dancer that his beads stands for correction.
I am a pen of the doctors that heal;
A voice of change and peace.
A nose of progress
Hands of success
Lips of thunderbolt
Legs of improvement.
I am a tongue with no lies,
Anus that glitters with no faeces.

I am a writer;
I stand as originality,
I climb never to fall back again in difficuilties.
I change,
And communicate with a soft melodious voice;
A flashing ink that glitters like gold of life.

I am a write,
A voice that makes whole your heart.
I suffer not my pains but you do,
Lend me your ears and eyes
I can create another you because I am
A semi-god.

(C) john chizoba vincent

by john chizoba vincent

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Your poems are very intense. I'm reading through them again. I really like your writing. Mary