Psycho Mentality

Poem By Phats Love

Tiny pills and liquid bottles with stickers of drowsy eyes.
Fill my mouth/throat tightens as the bulge of narcotics move
scratchingly down my throat.
i lay there naked on the cold floor.
watchin the hands of the clock tick slowly by.
The wall starts breathing as my eyes roll back to my scull.
Finally the calmness settles in.
All the sounds around me, dull into a slight echo.
i let the numbness kick in.
As i slip into darkness.
Kissin your face in my mind as my life shuts down.
I Loved You.......

Comments about Psycho Mentality

I must agree with David on this, i hope this is you in real life Sandra...
Sandra, very emotionally stretched individual here. It would be interesting to know know just what made her turn over the brink and finally want to end it all. Top marks for another brilliant write. Thank for sharing it my friend. David
reminds me of those pieces i read written by plath - when she tried to kill herself.

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