WA ( / Manchester, England.)


Mia was the first to show,
Stood all alone in cold dismay,
Knife clenched in hand as she did pray
That all those voices she could hear
Of ones’ she’d loved in yesteryear,
Would heed her cries, not go away.

What brought her here she wished she knew.
Bad dreams last night portrayed a face,
Yet of the eyes there was no trace?
That apparition bade such fear,
And knew, she felt, why she was here
In this forsaken, hellish place.

Such ‘black’ as this was hard to bear.
What use was sight, when there’s no light?
To find a path would be delight,
When something else was lurking here.
So palpable was her own fear.
She felt its presence roam the night.

Onward then on bended knees
She wasn’t going to lose her head,
Nor end this quest on being dead.
Whatever lurked out in the dark
Would feel her knife and bear its mark.
With this in mind she stole ahead.

“I sense your pain and troubled soul,
So don't be fooled to flee from me,
I could have slain you easily
Last night when i appeared to you.
So flee you really mustn't do,
Or all the demons, you, will see'.

Mia froze at such a sound,
A voice that grated at her heart
And tore her every nerve apart.
Whatever sensed her presence there
Was not about her life to spare,
Nor grant her quest a fair head-start.

Brandishing the ten inch knife,
Mia hacked instinctively
From where that voice so teasingly,
Mocked the courage she had shown
To face the demons all alone
And set her weary spirit free.

All time stood still, she felt no pain.
The knife she held had made its' mark,
Her father's chest, her mother's heart.
To send her parents back to hell
and break their god-forsaken spell
Was all she'd lived for in the dark.

A pair of demons wailed and flew
To where they went she never knew.


Do you ever wish upon a star?
Ever want to turn the clock back
And not be who you are?
Remember how life used to be?
And why our evolution
Brings about such misery?
Teased for being different,
Bullied night and day.
Why didn't they see the hurt they caused?
His pain was on display!

Ever thought on younger days?
He thought he was so handsome,
Created out of love.
So what went wrong when he arrived,
You didn't like your dove?
He knew not how to please you,
He tried for, cried for years!
And only ever lived to see
You shedding no more tears.

by Warren Atherton

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