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Its human nature, the way things turn out
occasionally winter falls, sometimes it rains.
She sometimes wants to sleep,
wants to pull the curtains on her life

and the table and the chairs,
placed just so, want to find a happy ending.
The bookcase absorbs the sunlight that's crawled on its belly
through the dusty crack of a door.

Books, lots of them, trip over spilt milk,
papyrus lacerates the air,
chapter and verse stares straight ahead.

Short changed and short tempered,
she empties her pockets and throws her life on to the table,
Freud's next, he flies past on a paper plane
headfirst into the bin...
as if into her darkness which is lit by a single star

A star that's jumped out of her sky, to the edge of her world
to the hand that's outstretched,
waiting patiently to pull her back up again.....

by Karen Wedley

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