I’m living in the psychotropics,
in ambience of Ambien not,
and yet my mind controls the topics
that lovers all consider hot.
Though Prozac hardly is prosaic
for people who’re depressed I feel
elated always, it’s Mosaic
to treat one’s virtual joy as real,
for though God once prescribed for Moses
two tablets, he destroyed them both,
with caveat emptor, one supposes.
To take both tablets he was loath,
and so am I, when offered Zoloft
or other psychotropic meds,
for rhymes inhabiting the soul loft
raise from the basement heavy heads,
and lighter than the air I float,
in psychotropic mode while buoyed,
without a licensed doctor’s note,
as stonehenged as a drunken Druid.


by gershon hepner

Comments (4)

Shalom! Clever, well written with your usual fine dash of wordplay and wit! Good write. Hugh
Geri-Psych is a perfect example of what you describe. :) I am a Cardiac Med SurgRN so I read this well...and this poem is a beautiful example of play on words as well as play on trials of medication jargon. Another excellent read!
Clever, intelligent and oh so topical - love it! ! !
Storyteller, moral-spinner, and rhymer supreme. From me to you, Gersh. With warmth, Gina.