He was sat upon the park bench a can of cider in his hand
Like so many others of his age he was listening to some band
Wires from his mobile were plugged into his ears
Yet his eyes looked dead and soulless he was high and full of fear
People looked and pointed they shook their heads in woe
What a waste of life they thought did he have no go
Yet no one knew the worries or the fears in his head
No one knew at twenty one he'd seen so many dead
An old man stopped and took the time to look at his tattoos
Upon his arm a regiments badge he'd been in the army too
He sat down their.beside him and offered the lad his hand
Hello son I'm ninety one and also fought in a foreign land
Like you I saw such horrors of which we can't describe
But in your head is not the place for them to stay and hide
You need to talk to someone who knows what you've been through
Else just like me and others you will suffer your life through
The lad he started crying and took the old mans hand
Thanks so much i am lost my minds still in the sand
They left the bench together and went for a little walk
Now they help each other as they sit and through things talk


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