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Southern Lass

Sail on by oh southern lass
A Hundred of knots afar
Egregious waves of frustrations passed.
Oh southern lass this heart you rescued
From the sea of pain once bitterly drowned.
The cupid's prey I was and so deeply wounded
From the bondage of past long endearment.
My southern lass, your love redeems my life!
As you are the melody in every song
That caresses the vestige of my lost self.
As you are my lifetime boat
In the middle of the sea afloat
Even the wind changes and veers a route
Each course is a journey we love both.
As you are my day and my night
Where love, hope and solace reside.
The source of my life, my dreams,
My will and my honest truths.
Nowhere I shall look and find you
For in my heart you are and will always be.
Grateful I am to the threads that weaved our
Paths and to our Almighty One be the glory.

by Rommel Galicia

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I will poem go with my
hehehe ganda nakagawa na ako takdang aralin
I like how it has been described this transformation that takes place only once in life.Nice poem.....10
The teenage years.....a difficult time indeed....no longer a child....not yet an adult! So much of simply finding one's way. Best wishes.