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Public School Pain
(12/11/60 / Danbury, CT USA)

Public School Pain

Public school pain
Wipe my brow in vain
Each day bleeds the same
Kids act-out, insane!
Heavy hearts with shame
Hey Miss, daddy's in jail
mommy just got out
Auntie beat her kids-up

And you should have no doubt
We know what it's about
The great divide in America
Where the movers with access
Run from families with too less
Blame whom for their lack
Of taking some little piece of pride back
Blame everyone for giving-up?
We beg the Lord to 'pass this cup'
Yes, I too am tired of putting-up
walls around my heart beg to shut
Hey Miss, I need money for lunch and
did you know I set myself on fire
'cause my baby brother died, see, I'm
no liar

Working in the trenches is tearing us apart
Where do we start?
I'm even tired of pain's dirty smell
Dirty clothes and mouths that tell
The stories so well, so matter-of-fact
How many kids have already been cracked
Beyond repair!
This is public school pain
Come get to know America's despair

I urge the pencil-pushing powerhouses
To come on in and clean their houses
It's really not fair
This public school pain
Where each day bleeds the same!
Now give the kids another 'test'
Let's see them do their best.

© Reneé Marie

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This is heart-rending and eye-opening. Excellent poem. Are you a teacher?