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I still recall our old cattle dog Pudsy
We got her from John Pat Riordan as an eight week old
A black and tan she was as tough as leather
She'd sleep out in the frost and not be cold.

A grand daughter of Jack our old brown war dog
And Pudsy too was one who loved a fight
She never lost a scrap she was too hairy
No other dog into her flesh could bite.

As a cattle dog than Pudsy there was better
Off of the cow's tail she always used to swing
And due to her some cows had their tails bloodied
And a bleeding tail is not a pleasant thing.

She was more of a fighting dog and hunter
And she often took a badger on alone
She had a heart to match her fighting courage
And as a fighting dog she became known.

Though hit by a car she lived to be an old dog
And despite her poor balance she got around
And she even was in dog fights in her old age
And i never see her once pinned to the ground.

I still recall our old cattle dog Pudsy
Though she died more than thirty years ago
She was as tough as leather and a fighter
And she even slept out in the frost and snow.

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