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Puffed Head

A young stud of the town is how he does feel
Though to many local young women he does not appeal
His own praises he is one who does love to sing
But then as is said youth must have it's fling

In his early twenties near his physical prime
He too will be tamed by the one known as time
It takes only a few silly women a big ego to create
They have an egotistical young bloke feeling he is a great

Any semblance of humility in him is long dead
He does live up to his nickname of Puffed Head
But sad to say young men of his sort not rare
Every town of them does have it's own share

Of his sexual prowess he does love to brag
For boasting he does help to carry the flag
But most local young women not attracted to him in any sort of a way
You cannot win them all as the wise one does say.

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