(2 April 1788 – 20 February 1862 / Barrio Panginay)

Punò Nang Salitâ

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I enjoyed reading a Tagalog one, good message
Tagalog is one of the major languages of the Republic of the Philippines. Tagalog has contributed a few words into our English language The word boondocks which means rural or back country, was imported by American soldiers stationed in the Philippines as a mispronounced version of the Tagalog bundok, which means mountain. A yo-yo is a toy. To run amok|run amok is to go on a killing rampage. Even the child's slang kooties comes from the Tagalog kuto which literally means head lice. And while this has little to do with the poem published here, I thought it was more interesting than an untranslated poem. Wish a certain somebody would translate it even if just in her comments.
...........definitely an intriguing write.....enjoyed..