Poem Hunter
(August 4th,1926 / New York City)


Poem By Stanley Cooper

Punctuation, stepchild tool of writing
Does not get it’s write-ful due
If we stopped this literate slighting
It would be a literal coup

The period we see as a dot
Has such a vital essence
The reason we use it a lot
Is to forestall a run-on sentence.

Colons: are sometimes used
To act as sentencing braces
Colons called semi; help us fuse
Connecting multiple phrases

To combine a compound adjective
The hyphen-comes into play
Question marks? are for the inquisitive
While commas, show delay

If writing is your avocation
And hope writing you will master
Punctuate with punctuation
Averting literal disaster

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Comments (29)

Really interesting writings, quite eclectic thought!
Happy to read a variety one. Thank you!
I have had the pleasure of reading poems about Maths, poems about Science and about many other subjects, but this one is unique in its emphasis on linguistic perfection. Thanks, Stanley.
Very true, so it's odd that the author leaves so much of it out himself. There should be a period on the end of the 2nd line, and a few others. I heartily commend punctuation to rhymers, it makes your stuff easier to read. Leaving it out is just arty-farty, in my view.
Yes! Yes! Yes, I really enjoyed this and agree whole-heartedly. Is anyone taught it any more?