Poem Hunter
(11 September 1961 - / Bahawalpur / Pakistan)


Go! see the faces of those who hate!
Their eyes are the portals of hell;
From fires that burn in their dungeons
The walls of their hearts are soot-black.
See those faces
Whose teeth peep from their mouths
And when they talk,
From their lips froth comes forth
For whom, to face truth is impossible,
Who trample flowers to forge ahead,
On whose skylights,
Never do birds sit and sing,
In whose courtyards, sunshine and rains
Lose their virtue;
Whose tongues are unacquainted with joyful words
Whose words collide with the ears of the good ones
And become stone:
They, who celebrate death of other poeple, s happiness,
Release dogs on supplicants
And on their doors, with grotesque colours
Paint skulls:
See their faces!
From today,
You are one with them! ! !

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Reading this piece is certainly no punishment!