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Puppet Master

You say that no one understands you
That I’m controlling you
Like a puppet master pulling the strings
But who hung the strings there in the first place
So wipe those pathetic tears off of your face
You cry and moan and whine
About things that that are so trivial
Speaking about things you’ll never understand
Situations you’ll never comprehend
You say it’s trivial to be my friend
But maybe this is where it was meant to end
You want me to put a smile on my face?
And act like everything’s okay?
So many times I tried to find a place to house your desolate empty heart
Because that’s what tore mine apart
I’m so sick of you blaming me for your wrongs
Everything that has happened to you
I’m the reason for your unhappiness
I am the chains that bind
But it’s elsewhere you’ll have to search and find
For sympathy in your time of need
I tried to console you
Tried to get you through
But am I to be marked and shunned for helping a sister
You say I am to blame
But really think about it…
When are you going to accept responsibility for your actions?
And not put it all on me
I’m sick of being your trash heap
My friendship apparently was just a cheap trinket
The next time you want or need help don’t look to me
Don’t even think it
Because I’m the puppet master
And that’s the end of our story
No ever after

by Jasmine Brinkley

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