CM ( / Ottawa, Ont. CA)


The puppeteer
On the catwalk
Above the stage
Looks down at you all

Pulled a string here
Made a dolly dance
Cut one there
And dead she'll fall

I knew how
To manipulate you
One side was mine-

I made you cry
I made me hate
Knew what would provoke
A scream or a moan

I played you like a fool
And then-
I watched you break
One day

I escaped my own revenge
By trying
To throw my feelings

I've gotten sick
Of watching
And of waiting
And of hating

But it's better than
Seeing you
Watching me

It gets harder
As it goes
And I'll have to
Wait and see

How long it takes
For me to get
The puppets
Really.. me.

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Comments (1)

Strong opening, well-developed middle, skilled finish. I see the contradiction in the speaker's actions (...your actions, Christina?) : 'playing' someone doesn't protect you from your emotions. It just doubles the blow, twisting you into something sordid which you know you resent. Kind regards, Gina.