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Puppy Love
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Puppy Love

Six months as my love,
Six months as my friend,
And so incredible this time has been.

I seem to love you more and more
As the days go on and we grow closer one by one.
Because I don’t think you’ll ever truly understand
What it is that you’ve meant to me,
How your love has changed me,
Helped me to grow from the child I was,
Into the man I am.

I didn’t trust love very much before we met,
I’d only felt it once and it was gone in a flash,
So to think that I could be touched by someone with,
A love far greater than I had known.
Was something I could hardly believe.
And yet was eager to show you my love in return.

I could not have made it this far without you,
Your love, smile, and heart have drawn so near to mine,
That it breaks me to see you hurt and not know what it is that I can do.
All I can do is to hold you near and repeat how I love you,
Whisper little reminders in your ear,
Hold you near as we drift asleep,
And promise that I will ALWAYS have time to be with my girl,
The one that I love so very much,
That’s you, dear one.

To remember this incredible time we’ve spent
And to show the love in the next span to come,
I give you these roses in hopes that you can see,
What it truly is that you mean to me.

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