Puppy Love

Met you when i was only ten
I didnt know love way back then
You're only nine, younger than me
How could you fall inlove with me?

You're older sister, my good friend
She told me all the words you said
I laughed a lot, and wonder why
Back then i liked another guy

Sleepovers at each other's place
The church had been our meeting place
While singing hymns of praise to God
I didnt know bout the love you had

Now that were here at your wedding day
I know its late for me to say
When we're still young, i liked you too
But i waited to here it first from you

I felt a little silly feel
What if that kind of love was real?
Was it me at the place of your lovely bride?
Or the love will end, because of pride?

I guess were never meant to be
That's why God didnt let it be
But its good to know you feel the same
And once in our lives, a puppy love came

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