I Don'T Love You Anymore

I wish I wasn't about to say this,
i no longer feel that spark when we kiss.
It hurts me to walk out that door
But I don't love you any-more.

I remember all those nights we spent,
our love was written and sealed in content,
We spoke about our future together
we were supposed to be forever.

But somewhere along the lines we grew apart,
I no longer felt complete within my heart,
it felt like our love became war,
so I don't love you any-more.

The night you spent wrapped up in my shirts,
just thinking about that night really hurts,
we've been through so much
I know I should be missing your touch.

You taught me how to feel,
sometimes it hurts cause I know it was real,
you were the only person I could ever adore,
But I don't love you any-more.

I wish there was something i could do,
to keep me wanting to be with you,
but this feeling I cant ignore,
I don't love you any-more...

by Derryn Whitaker

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Puppy made of sand is really a shiny hand show of an artist. Beautiful poem.