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' Purchased By His Blood'
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' Purchased By His Blood'

Friend, We've been Purchased by His Blood!
The Blood of JESUS CHRIST! ! !
The Last Sacrifice! Ever to be made!
He Paid! With the Trade! His Life for Ours!
The Son of the Living God! ! !
Jesus died on the Cross at Calvary!
On that Day, Our Sins was Washed Away! ! !
He gave Himself for Us,
Whosoever Believes and Trusts, In Him!
Becomes Born-again! ! ! Shall Be Saved! ! !
Jesus's Blood was Shed! To Redeem Our Souls!
He Made Us Whole! ! !
God Almighty Raised Jesus from the dead!
Once You come to know Him,
You'll want to make Him Lord of Your Life! ! !
BELIEVE! Ask Him in Your Heart!
Ask For Forgiveness of Your sins, and RECEIVE!
Know God Raised Him, Then Your BORN-AGAIN! ! !
Christ's Blood! Protects Us! Made Us Free! !
To Live with Him in Eternity! (Follow Jesus)

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