I have never seen a dead wrapped in black.
I have never seen...

When my dad died,
He was bathed in the river of tears with chanting hands,
And was wrapped in white and tied with three knots.

It was long back,
I was crying for my dancing doll broken on the floor.
I wrapped my weeping doll, in my white scarf stitched my pain and tears.
And then,
They took my dad away to the clouds of soil, .
Never to return...

The roses, bloom for my dad in my hands are dried every day..
I have never seen a dead wrapped in black.

Once, I started to smile with the river,
I started to dance with the moon,
They wrapped me in a black, black shame.
When I was speaking with the streams and dreams,
They wrapped me in black,
In black
It was long back,
when my songs died in a fall,
They tied the black on my neck with a knot,
And spiderwebbed my eyes, hide a stream of tears.
I see all in a faded black,
I see the night,
I see the night.
I hide my faded smiles,
my silent prayers in a black, black veil.
I hide my dancing hands in the black, black night.

I wrap,
My dancing doll in a white scarf, stitched my heart and my soul,
With my little tears,
With my singing lips you never see

I wrap myself with the night,
And wear the river of fireflies with the night, ....


by jose sarang

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