Found in a place of people unknown,
a fondness alike would be grown.
The blessing of love born in the dark,
shared a path of time one would embark.

A smile that made my knee's want to fall,
story beginning at that a town hall.
My heaven to wake up in your arms,
followed the lifeline in my palm.

To see your innocence in your dreams,
you were the cherry on my cream.
Having given me what I always wished for,
a feeling locked in my memory for evermore.

Never a hint nor whisper of fuss,
a world that was made just for us.
Everytime I looked into your eyes,
my world stopped spinning my heartrate multiplied.

Scars from before restricting what could be,
entrapping me forever with thoughts of eternity.
When scared all I needed was you it seems,
because my forever started when we came to be.

We drifted apart letting our story end,
vowing alone to let our friendship mend.
The sea did seperate for a long while,
wont let me fade it's just not your style.

I did return to see a different side,
you that I knew washed with the tide.
The spark that once truely connected,
somehow been doused truely infected.

That hurtful look seen in your eyes,
one that only you could make me realise.
To see into a soul that once loved you so,
now looking upon the reflection of lost sorrow.

A friendship to become but a star in the sky,
I thank you tonight for my heart did fly.
Something for sure I owe to you,
one day to repay with your dream come true.

by Bernadette Rushfirth

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